Traveling Around the World with Hampton


Sydney Andrews, Author & Editor

This past summer I went on the trip of a lifetime. I was able to go on the Greece-Italy trip with Mrs. Cupps and Mrs. Heranic. The process before the trip was easy and simple. I had to go to a few meetings throughout last year, go shopping for some traveling essentials, and pack. Then, I was on my way to Greece!

After we had the long flight to Greece, we were able to go to the hotel and relax on the beach near our hotel in Athens. While in Athens, we went and visited Acropolis, Temple of Poseidon, and Temple of Apollo. The views at all these sites was to die for!


After Athens we took a coach bus to Delphi, once we arrived we were able to experience this beautiful little town. We went out to dinner, afterwards a group of students were allowed to go out dancing to experience the night-life of Delphi. While we were in Greece I thought we would all scream that we were tourists, but whenever the group got there I realized we weren’t the only ones. The range of travelers there was outstanding, I heard so many different languages, such as Italian, Russian, French, and so many more languages.

After our adventures in Greece we took a ferry to Italy, 24 hours later we arrived . We drove to our hotel in Florence. After spending a few days in Florence we went to Rome. While in Italy we went to the coliseum and the Vatican. My all-time favorite part of Italy was the food. Audrey Eaton, Sophie Cappezzuti, Julia Matschener and I went to a little pizzeria in Rome. We all shared two margarita pizzas and had some gelato at a nearby stand. The overall food was absolutely amazing on the trip. The mediterranean food in Greece was to die for! We ate gyros, baklava, feta cheese, and Greek salads. I could go on and on about the food, but I won’t make you hungry.


I don’t know about you, but if I could go on that trip again I totally would. Seniors who are in AP and Honors English, you all have this amazing experience to go on a trip just like this with Mrs.Cupps. The trip is this upcoming summer, the group is traveling to Dublin, Ireland, Wales, England, and Paris, France. Traveling to Paris is a dream many can agree on. Don’t miss out on this experience seniors! You could be backpacking Europe with your friends for your senior trip instead of a crowded beach in the United States.

Another trip that is starting up is for the summer of 2021, there is only ONE spot left to go to France with Mrs.Cupps. Juniors this is your chance, go talk to E501 and talk with Mrs.Cupps ASAP to learn gather more information.


Photos credited to Sydney Andrews.