The Procrastinator’s Halloween


Gracie Hengelsberg, Journalist

It’s that time of year again. Halloween  is tomorrow! Some people have been talking about their carefully planned costumes, while some have yet to plan anything. While you may not have time to create an elaborate costume, there is still time to pull something together. If you’re one of these people, here are some last-minute costume ideas.


  1. Tourist – Pretty much everyone at Hampton is familiar with this costume. Pull out a Hawaiian shirt and a fanny pack and you’ll look like you’re set to go on a trip to the Bahamas.
  2. Farm Girl – This one is also pretty easy; you’ll need some overalls, a flannel shirt, and some cowgirl boots. Alternatively, you could be a cowgirl, with jeans, cowgirl boots, a bandana, a cowboy hat, and a plaid shirt.
  3. Nerd – Pull out nerd glasses and some suspenders and you’ll probably be transported back to middle school.
  4. Rosie the Riveter – This one is a classic; you’ll need a denim button up, a red bandana styled as a headband, and some bold red lipstick.
  5. Where’s Waldo – Everyone’s favorite board game? Not quite, but still a great costume. Grab a red beanie and a red and white striped shirt to pull this one off.
  6. Greaser – I think we all read the Outsiders in middle school. You’ll need some leather pants, a black tube top, and some red high heels.
  7. Wednesday Adams – Basically you’ll need a black dress with a white collar, dark makeup, and some pigtail braids.
  8. Black Cat – Easiest one in the book; Grab some cat ears and a tail from the store and style it with any black outfit you like.
  9.  Flower Child – Basically a hippie from the 70s, you’ll need a flower crown, straight hair parted down the middle, a flowy top, and bell bottom jeans.
  10. Witch – This is probably the most popular and most iconic costume. You’ll need a witches hat and a long black dress. If you want to top it all off, throw in some black boots.

Don’t forget to dress up for school on the 31st! (Because after all, what’s Halloween without some spooky spirit?)