One Last Ride

Brooke Clougherty, Author and Editor

Class of 2020, we have finally made it. This is the beginning of the end, but it isn’t as fun as we thought. This end stretch is full of wild emotions: stress, anxiety, joy, and a little fear. The last few days of summer, I started to think about how excited I was to be a senior! I don’t know about you, but this was not what I expected.

The stress of Mrs. Cupps’ 400+ word college essay on the second week of school and all these anatomy, anthropology, AND stats tests and quizzes were definitely not what I signed up for. We couldn’t even escape class and go to the busy bean for a HUGE blueberry muffin! Dr. Imbarlina told us the third semester of highschool would be where we start feeling the senioritis, but I’m already feeling it as we speak. I polled a few students to see if they were in the same boat as me. When asked what they were most excited for senior year, Bri Crawley stated “graduation”, with multiple of her friends nodding and verbally agreeing. Others, like Jaidyn Lange and Alyssa Cole, talked about the freedom of release time and a later start time. Throughout the seasons this article will change. We begin by not knowing how our path will change throughout this time in our lives. We will be accepted to college, trade school, or into the military. And we will go off and will be just another graduate of Hampton High. To the Class of 2020, we have been through a lot together. Most of us have grown up together and have watched each other evolve into somewhat mature adults, some more than others. Thank you for 13 years, let’s rock out this last one!

 Only 296 days till graduation:)