And This Year’s Musical Is…

Sydney Andrews, Author & Editor

Today, November 4th 2019, the musical was announced. The students had be waiting all day to find out the big question, “What is the musical this year?” The answer is now here, this year’s musical is The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

A little bit about the musical:

Creator Rupert Holmes based this play on the last novel ever written by Charles Dickens. The Victorian genius died halfway through writing it, and over 100 years later in 1985, Holmes decided to adapt it into a clever musical.

Set in the Victorian Era, The Mystery of Edwin Drood has lots of twists and turns. The ending of this “musical within a musical” is decided by the audience, which means it will change every single night! Mr.Franklin mentions, “This musical is unlike any other musical we have ever done.” Not only does it break the fourth wall when the actors ask for the audience members to choose the murders, the cast will have no idea how their show will end until they receive their answers. And according to Mrs. Lavella, show choreographer, there are over fifty possible storylines!

To learn more, watch the clip inserted down below:

Video Credits: Roundabout Theatre Company on YouTube

Good luck to everyone at callbacks! We can’t wait to see the cast list.