Album Review: “What You See Is What You Get”


Brooke Clougherty, Author and Editor

On November 8th, Luke Combs released a new album What You See Is What You Get. The album contains 17 songs, including 5 previously released tracks and 2 songs featuring other famous country artists.  Even though What You See Is What Get has been getting many mixed reviews, most of them are positive, so much so that people are paying $600 to see him in Pittsburgh at the end of November! Of course, this could be because the hottie, mullet-flowin’ Morgan Wallen who is opening for Combs. 

Personally, though I think the last album was better, this one is lively and fun. Here are my top 5 faves: 


  1. “Beer Never Broke My Heart” – BEST song to scream when you’re in the car with your friends at 3am! 


  1. “Even Though I’m Leaving” – MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE! You know how some slow songs put you to sleep? This vibey track makes you chill. 


  1. “Lovin’ On You”- A true country song, which is not always my favorite, but the chorus hooks me in everytime! 


  1. “Moon Over Mexico”– just an overall good balance between upbeat and vibey song. 


  1. “Refrigerator Door”   – Me and my friends FAVORITE!!