The Top Five Coffee Shops in Pittsburgh

Growing up in Wisconsin, there were very few exciting things to do. One of the things that my family enjoyed was the little coffee house down the street, Bean Juice. To say we were regulars would be an understatement; the baristas knew our names and orders like the back of their hands.

After moving to Pennsylvania (to perhaps the most boring suburb imaginable), my mom and I found ourselves missing Bean Juice and its friendly faces. To remedy this, we decided to explore as many coffee shops in the Pittsburgh area as possible. These are just some of my favorites from a long list of great local coffee shops.

Big Dog Coffee

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Big Dog Coffee is one of the first coffee shops that I fell in love with. Located on a side street in the South Side, it is both unexpected and whimsical.  With its oatmeal bar, freshly-baked treats, and cozy cafe vibes, there is no question as to why this tops nearly everyone’s list. 

Delanie’s Coffee

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Also located on the South Side, Delanie’s Coffee is almost like Big Dog’s unruly cousin. Its main features that stand out are independent artists’ art for sale, loud rock music, unique breakfast offerings, and fresh-pressed juice. Personally, I love this place for its rebellious vibes and its knowledgeable staff.


De Fer Coffee &  Tea

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Located in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, De Fer Coffee and Tea (previously known as 21st Street Coffee and Tea) is a coffee shop known for their high-quality coffee and no-fuss coffee menu. Since its renaming, it has become a friendlier place to work than ever before. The owner of the shop, Matt Marietti,  is proud of what he does there, which is evident in every interaction with him. To me, the passion surrounding this place is what makes it unique and keeps customers coming back.

Saxonburg Coffee & Tea

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Whether or not this coffee shop is located in the “Pittsburgh area”  is debatable, but this cafe cannot be left out of my top five list. Since 2014, Saxonburg Coffee has been serving a wide and unique variety of teas and first-rate coffees. Though the drive may be close to thirty minutes from Hampton, I believe it is a must-try for all coffee and tea lovers because of its comfortable and homey vibes. 


Biddle’s Escape

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Biddle’s Escape is one of the coffee shops that my mom and I visited recently, and we wish we hadn’t waited so long to finally experience it. At Biddle’s Escape, coffee is just one of the many  things that puts it a toe above the rest. Located in Regent Square, the spacious cafe is a rare gem on a quiet side street. The decor is truly eclectic and the menu features an extensive tea selection, along with a variety of brunch items and vegan and gluten-free options. The best thing about Biddle’s Escape is its artsiness and calm yet exciting  atmosphere.


Though these are just five of my personal favorites, there are many, many more to explore around Pittsburgh. In the meantime, go check these gems out!