Senior Internship Program

Sydney Andrews, Author & Editor

This piece is co-edited by Anthony Howard.

Attention rising seniors, you have an amazing opportunity this upcoming year to take a senior internship class that is only a semester long. It counts as 1 full credit. However, upcoming seniors must be 17 to take the class. 

This program is an elective course designed to provide differentiated opportunities to select a number of senior students to participate in a career exploration and build college and career readiness through meaningful experiences and hands-on learning in a professional setting. Upon successful completion of the program students receive 1 credit towards graduation and a grade based on accordance with the Hampton grading scale. Students typically select two areas of interest as potential internship placements. Students are placed with an adult mentor at the internship placement site and expected to work between 5 to 15 hours a week for the semester. 

At the internship, students are required to complete and submit weekly modules and weekly logs of their hours. During the semester, students are expected to attend informational meetings and sessions at the High School with the program supervisor. Students will receive informal evaluation from their onsite mentors. With this class students will need to be able to demonstrate an ability to reflect on their experiences and learn from their mistakes. 

Coming from a current senior who had an internship this past summer, I wish I had the experience to take this class. It will give students new opportunities and an experience on what day-to-day work is like.