Pittsburgh’s Best Record Stores

Visiting independent music stores has been a classic pastime as long as vinyl itself.  Pittsburgh is home to many fascinating record shops, but many of the greats are rarely acknowledged.

A new addition to the record stores in Pittsburgh is The Government Center. This shop on the North Side has an abundance of vinyl and CDs, along with cassette tapes. Its roomy back serves as a small stage for local music events. This store’s tranquil environment highlights its inclusivity of all genres. 

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When driving through Millvale, it’s hard to miss a widespread mural of musicians. That’s the home of The Attic. The Attic is home to old and current music alike, along with a wide collection of CDs. Limited-release vinyl can also be found at competitive prices.

A cozy spot to find good underground music is Mind Cure Records. It is located in the distant land of Polish Hill–but it’s worth the drive. Crowning the top of a cafe and comic book shop (featured in the film Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl), it’s also home to an adorable dog. 

Last, but assuredly not least, Jerry’s Records, located in Squirrel Hill, is a cultural touchstone of Pittsburgh, . It’s a huge store filled floor-to-ceiling with music up to through 20th century. Like a labyrinth of music, there are many narrow hallways of vinyl that one could easily lose themselves in. Record prices are usually low because they are all used, and you may be able to pick up a record owned by local legend Jerry Weber himself.


Music outlets are key in local culture. It is important to keep small businesses like these running so they can continue to influence our city. Be sure to check out these places when looking to update your vinyl collection.