Annual Blood Drive

Annual Blood Drive

Owen Bargar, Journalist

On January 29th, Hampton High School will hold its annual blood drive. Many students at Hampton donate blood to help benefit kids and earn two hours of community service. For all students that are new to the high school and want to donate, there are a few requirements:

First, you need to be at least sixteen and get your parents to sign a form. These forms are in the Nurse’s office in F-hall. 

On the day of the blood drive, your first period teacher will give you a slip with your assigned slot for donating. You may use it as a hall pass to go down to the old gym (by the Busy Bean) to donate. 

This year Hampton is donating all the blood they receive to hospitals all around Pittsburgh. One of the hospitals selected is Children’s Hospital in Lawrenceville. Brooke Clougherty, a senior at Hampton and a former donor said, “I really enjoy knowing that my donation benefited kids around Pittsburgh”. 

If you are interested in where else the blood will benefit, you can look at You can also sign up online too. Hampton and many more hope for your donation this year and more to come.