Get Involved!

Sydney Andrews, Editor & Author

   My freshman year I auditioned for the musical not expecting to even make it. I didn’t know what was coming, and I knew there was a lot of talent. Now, looking back as a senior, I am so happy freshman me actually auditioned. I didn’t think I had the talent to get in, but I am glad I didn’t listen to the negative voice in my head. I wouldn’t have met my second family. I wouldn’t have met my best friends today. I wouldn’t have all these memories to treasure. I wouldn’t be able to look back and say I am proud of how musical made me a better person. 

   I am truly grateful for every single person in Talbot Players. This group of people are movers, they are the dreamers and they are going somewhere. I cannot wait to see where my classmates end up, but I am so proud I got to be a part of something so amazing. 

   If you are debating on auditioning for the musical or even not thinking about it, do it. You won’t regret it. The directors are strong, patient and talented. The cast, crew and pit are made up of an amazing group of people. After performing, you can look back and say, “Yeah, I did that.” The memories formed in clubs are memories that cannot be beat. Don’t be afraid to find your club, your second family. It might be musical, it might not. Just try to get involved before it’s too late.