The Covid Genie


Mario Bishop, Humorist

The Covid Genie

By Mario Bishop


Senior: (Sigh) school is hard.


Genie: Yo what up. I’m a Genie. You get three wishes. Let’s go.


Senior: Oh cool. I wish I didn’t have to go to school anymore.


Genie: You got it!


(Magic happens)


Genie: Aw whoops. I started a global pandemic and everyone’s quarantined.


Senior: What? Why did you do that?!


Genie: Hey listen, it’s my first day on the job. Cut me some slack.


Senior: Yeah but people are gonna die now.


Genie: Well you won’t have to go to school, or work, or a friend’s house… or anywhere else.


Senior: I didn’t want to stay home all day though!


Genie: Come on dude. You don’t always get what you want.


Senior: You’re a genie! You’re supposed to give me what I want!


Genie: Maybe you could wish for a girlfriend?


Senior: I can’t visit anyone. How am I supposed to be in a relationship?


Genie: You could… uh. Wish for more money?


Senior: That would be great if I could actually go somewhere to spend it.


Genie: Listen, dude. Money might not be so bad right now because the economy’s gonna take a bit of a tumble.


Senior: You’re the worst Genie ever!