How to Stay Scary Safe This Halloween

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Sammi Buckley, Journalist

As imitation skeletons and cobwebs appear along with inflatable ghouls and goblins, there is no doubt that the excitement of Halloween is in the air. Like with most other holidays and events this past year, COVID-19 restrictions will be put in place to keep everyone safe, especially as the weather gets colder. However, this doesn’t mean that you are banned from celebrating. The CDC has pushed out suggestions for a safer, COVID-free, fall.

On October 31st, common activities include seeing monsters and other characters roaming around the streets all over the world. Of course, grabbing candy from a bowl and meeting up with friends can increase the spread of the virus. Because we are already seeing a rise in cases, everyone should think about these precautions.

Here are some safe alternatives for celebrating Halloween in 2020 given by the CDC:

  • Carve pumpkins with members of the household
  • Put up those decorations!
  • Have a costume contest over Zoom or another virtual platform
  • Watch Halloween movies with your family

Worried about being exposed? Make sure to avoid these events or activities during this time:

  • Trick-or-treating where candy is being handed out from door to door
  • Attending an indoor haunted house or other large crowds
  • Attending a fall festival
  • Hosting or taking part in costume parties inside

Although the current situation is restrictive and may interrupt holiday fun, health is always a top priority for every community. To read more about how to stay safe this year, make sure to visit the CDC website, or for a direct link to holiday safety, go to: