Hampton Community Comes Together in Wake of Fire


Photo Credit: Dylan Rubenstein

Hope Walton, Journalist

On the night of November 3rd, a fire damaged the majority of one Hampton home, but Hampton High School students quickly rallied behind the Premick family. A friend  and teammate of Jake Premick, Junior Jayden Resch, created a Go Fund Me to raise money for expenses. (Which is linked below) Jayden wrote, “I’m a friend of Jake’s who wants him to have our community’s help and support. Jake’s family is amazing and deserves nothing less than a quick boost on their journey to back where they started. Me and my mother will be personally withdrawing the money to give to the Premicks.”

Photo Credit: Dylan Rubenstein

Within minutes families across Hampton came together to provide any support they could. The Go Fund Me aimed to raise $35,000 and as of today has reached the goal. This all occurred over the span of just 10 days. Together over 480 people donated, and those who couldn’t participate shared it over 900 times. Even those who don’t personally know the family offered well wishes, thoughts, and prayers. As one anonymous donor put it, “I don’t know the family, but my family wishes them well after such a tragedy. Hampton neighbors helping Hampton neighbors.”

Photo Credit: Dylan Rubenstein

The HHS student council also organized a fundraiser everyone could take part in. They invited high school students to wear whatever hat they chose on November 17th, and all they had to do to take part was bring in a dollar. Students and teachers alike went through classes donning everything from their favorite beanies to cowboy hats.  All proceeds from that day went towards helping pay off some of the Premick family’s expenses.


Jake Premick, a Junior, said about the support he received, “It’s the best feeling, I can’t describe. Having friends and just a community that cares about me and my family so much is just amazing. We are very fortunate to have everyone and to live in a place with so many loving and supportive people. “ 

Jake is also a part of the high school football team. He explained how much it has meant to him, having all of the support  he has received from fellow teammates as well saying, “One of my teammates started a Go Fund Me that raised over 35k and that’s a huge blessing. And my teammates and coaches check up on me every single day.” 

If you want to know how you can help please donate and share the link below with friends and family: premick-house-fire