Reading Across America, Geocaching Across Hampton


Since 1998, schools around the country have celebrated Read Across America week in association with the birthday of the beloved Dr. Seuss. This year, our Hampton Community Library and the Hampton Township School District are partnering with the Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy (RCTC) to add some fun and nature to the tradition!

During this week, March 1-5, the library and school district are inviting the entire community to read One Plastic Bag, by Miranda Paul. But this year they want you to leap out of the pages too and enjoy some activities sponsored by the Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy. It’s a marvelously creative way to celebrate this week in a safe, fun-filled manner. The RCTC has created a new mini-geotrail and is inviting families to participate.

This video demonstrates how to geocache and find new ways to explore outdoors free of charge!

To view the video:

Maps for the RCTC Mini-geotrail are also available at the Hampton Community Library or at:

We hope you take part in this exciting opportunity to bring fiction to life!