Love Is


Accompanying art by Josey Riegel, ’21

Robin Troup, Poet

Love is . . .


Love is . . . 

Holding hands as snowflakes drift down around you.

Talking about nothing and everything and never wanting to stop

Pressing your cold nose against their warm cheek

Putting two spoonfuls of sugar and a dribble of milk in their tea

Because you know that’s just what they want.


Love is . . . 

Doing the Island Dance

Every move entwined with theirs 

Knowing what their next move will be 

Because you know them so well.  


Love is . . . 

Running your fingers through their hair

As they lay, head in your lap 

And you watch a movie

Or just sit there and talk

Or are each off in your own world


Love is . . . 

Companionable silence

Never needing to speak

Always there for each other

Only speaking because you want to hear

Every thought that goes through their mind


Love is . . . 

Warm messy hugs

Fingers entwined

Feet gently touching 

Because you can’t bear to stay apart.  


Love is . . . 

Picking them up at the airport at 4 am because that’s when their flight comes in.

Being their biggest supporter, always having their back.  

Making pancakes on the weekend and waking them up with breakfast in bed.  

Picking up the phone after you’ve just fallen asleep because they want to hear the sound of your voice.  


Love is . . . 

Smiling when they come into the room

Because that makes your day so much brighter


Love is . . . 

All that and so much more.  

Love is . . . 

Whatever you need it to be.  

Love is . . . 

Yours. And no one can tell you how to feel it.  


Love is . . . 




But worth it at the end of the day.