Homecoming 2021


Hannah Kirkpatrick, Writer

After a year full of unknown, our Hampton traditions and activities are coming back. We are opening the fall with Homecoming, though there are still typical rules that have to be followed every year but also new precautions to ensure that our district doesn’t have any COVID-19 outbreaks. This information includes:

  • No outside guests from other schools are allowed
  • Masks are not mandatory
  • The dance location will be at Fridley Field on the far left side on the track
  • No heels over 1 inch are allowed on the track
  • No pumpkins nor hay will be allowed for decoration
  • Tickets will be $15 per person

Freshman and even Sophomores still haven’t experienced their first homecoming. This is their take on how they feel about their first homecoming, but with all the new rules in store. Freshman Darrien Behr said, “I think it’s ridiculous that we have to be outside in the cold.” 

Freshman Olivia Hoffman, feels that “No heels on the track just doesn’t make sense to me.” She also remarked, “I don’t know what to expect, especially because it’s my freshman year.” 

Some of our upperclassmen also have things to say about our outdoor homecoming. Maya Obendorfer, junior, said “I think it’s the best we can do, especially with no masks.” Another junior, Rita Khoury thinks “we should be allowed to bring outside guests, especially if it’s outside.”