The Fierce Four


Maria Coleman, Journalist

This year’s football team is 5-0. Christian Liberto, Mike Witherup, Jayden Resch, and Logan Rutledge are the captains of Hampton’s undefeated varsity football team. I asked them all the same questions, and each answered with his own unique response. 

First and foremost: What’s different about this season? Can you explain your winning streak?

Christian Liberto: “This season is different because the seniors on this team have been playing together since our time in junior football. We are all friends off the field and we pushed each other to work hard.”

Mike Witherup: “Us seniors have put in the work and dedication in the gym and on the field, pushing ourselves to be this kind of team. We aren’t satisfied and we are staying hungry for the next opportunity.”

Logan Rutledge: “The chemistry behind us is not even comparable to other teams, every last senior is bonded almost as brothers which benefits our team success as almost all starters are seniors.” 

Jayden Resch: “This season isn’t just about winning football games, it’s about making some of the best memories with these boys because we will never get to play high school football together again.”

All four seniors said that they wouldn’t change anything about this season. It’s brought focus, attention, and excitement, three things we’ve all needed especially after last year’s brush with COVID. If the Talbots could be described in one word, it would be underdog. Witherup added, “We are still underdogs and we are going to prove everyone wrong. I know that fuels a lot of us.”

Clearly, the guys’ brotherly passion and drive can be seen on the field. They’re so entertaining to watch on the field when they have each other’s backs like brothers.

 I asked the seniors what was the best piece of advice that they have received on or off the field.  Liberto says, “The best piece of advice is from our coach saying trust the process.”

Witherup and Rutledge both shared “relentless aggression” which they have learned from their coaches. “The best advice I’ve received and I stick to it is you will only regret not giving 120% whether you win or lose,” says Resch. 

Finally, I asked the captains the question we’ve all asked ourselves, could the team go all the way to playoffs or states this year? All four of them were very confident in their answers. 

Liberto: “Playoffs for sure, maybe state.” 

Witherup: “I am confident that there will be another playoff berth this year. We want to be conference champs and see what we can do this season as well.”

Resch: “Playoffs, yes, state is definitely doable if we stay healthy and give it our all.” 

Rutledge ends with a refreshing take, “Our team is capable of anything.”