Senior Stress Relief: Week Two

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Emma Bradley, Senior Journalist

As fall approaches quickly, so do deadlines for seniors. If you are still feeling stressed or anxious about all the upcoming events, here’s a quote from one of Hampton’s own counselors, Mrs. Cavitt, to all the seniors: 

First, a word of advice…take a breath! You’ve got this!  These are optional opportunities for seniors to gain additional information about post-secondary institutions (Yes, I’m referring to colleges, universities, technical schools, and our military.) and career options. There are many opportunities, so choose the ones that make sense for you.  If you are unable to attend a college visit, stop in the Counseling Office and let us know.  We’ll gather information from the rep. for you.  Reach out to your counselor at any point.  We’re here to help you!” 


North Pittsburgh College Fair at La Roche University – October 4th at 6pm @La Roche 

The North Pittsburgh College Fair is an event where you can learn about 100 different colleges, universities, technical schools, and the military from their representatives. The different aspects of these schools you will be learning about are the different campuses, what majors they offer, and what to expect if you go there. This two-hour event will be hosted at La Roche University in the KERR Fitness and sports center. All students who are still looking for where they will go after high school are urged to attend. 

If you can’t make it to this event various colleges will be visiting Hampton High School throughout the month of November. The colleges will be announced soon!


FAFSA Completion Event – October 13th at 6:30pm @ Hampton High School Library

Though the FAFSA application “goes live” tomorrow October 1st, it isn’t always easy to complete without some help. If students/families need assistance with completing their Free Application for Federal Student Aid, they may come to this session and complete their application with the support of our PHEAA representative, Marian Hargrave. Because of the PSAT’s running on October 13th, this happens to be a day that seniors don’t have to come to school and can focus entirely on their college application process.