Talbots Take on Spirit Week


Mrs. Wolfe sports 70’s swag

Hamptonian Staff

Another spirit week has passed here at Hampton High School, and it’s time to reflect on how students participated and showed their pride. Monday was Groutfit (gray outfit), and Tuesday was U.S.A. On Wednesday, students wore pajamas, and on Thursday, we all traveled back in time for Throwback Thursday. And as always during spirit week, on Friday, we sported our blue and gold.

Alexandra White in 90’s Clothes: “I pulled this whole outfit out of my mom’s closet.”

A general consensus on the themes of spirit week was that students loved the freedom of expressing themselves in fun, school-appropriate ways. Aja Lynn ’23 said, “I like the chance to dress out of the normal…it creates something else to look forward to.” Another junior, Trista Duchnowski ’23 said, “Groutfit was my favorite because it was super easy and comfortable.” Some students loved the patriotism of Tuesday’s theme. Senior Gracie Bankowski said, “U.S.A. day brought everyone together. It was the day that everyone truly wanted to participate in.”

Of course, as usual, pajama day was also a big hit with students. Jessi Lange said, “My favorite was definitely pajama day because I got to be comfy in school.” According to our interviews, we found that this day was the overall favorite.

Even teachers joined in on the fun. Mrs. Wolfe went for a 70’s-inspired outfit on Throwback Thursday. She said, “I grew up in the 80s and missed it, but I like 70’s music better.” Senior Karalyn Schwartz also represented the ’70s saying, “My favorite day was definitely decade day.” Gaby Spinola ’25 went for a witty twist and threw back to Wednesday and continued with the pajama theme.

Darcy Harrison in 2000s garb

Even though this is their last homecoming week, many seniors had ideas about how to refresh the theme choices for future years. Sammi Buckley suggested, “Anything But a Backpack.” Rachel Appleton would like to see “Dress Up As a Disney Character.” Abbie Harold suggested “Character Day,” where students could be anyone from a TV show; “Vine Day,” where they could dress up as a Vine (based on the dearly missed app); “Country Versus Country Club”; “Career Day”; and “Class Day,” where everyone represents their grade with a specific color.

No matter what themes we see next year, we were happy to hear that Hampton’s freshmen really enjoyed their first spirit week. Julianna Benaglio said, “It was really cool that a lot of people decided to participate.” Eva Huckle said she thinks that “spirit week was fun and got everyone in the mood for homecoming.”