Adaptations This Halloween


Maria Zebrine

There are many feelings that arise when Halloween comes around. It is a time with white paper ghosts, vibrant orange pumpkins scattered on lawns, the chilling feeling that flies in the air, old passing out the delicious treats and the young running carelessly from door to door, decorations of goblins and ghouls that take over people’s yards. Even the music is a classic piece to the iconic Halloween night. 

But, many things that are the most common and enjoyable have been altered. Covid has affected so many things around us. This virus hit home and pulled at our heartstrings. There were adaptations needed, communication, and unity to get through the bulk of the worldly pandemic, but the effects have still been severe. 

Here is a little overview of this year. There was a vaccine roll out in late January 2021. There have been 45,030,695 cases in 2021 as of now, as well there are 730, 413 known deaths in 2021. The new variant of the virus known as Delta was found in March, 2021, and has been making its mark. Still, people have thrived throughout the pandemic. Despite all the ups and downs, people have made it through thus far. This Halloween marks a milestone for people to take a step back and look how far they have come .

Last year, Halloween looked different than most years. The caution of gathering in big groups and not wearing a mask was something that had to be taken into consideration. Since this event takes place outside, the fear of Covid spreading is lowered down now. Everyone has their own view on how to approach this year’s Halloween. Natalie Chapman expressed, “I think there are plenty of ways to have Halloween in a safe manner. It is an outdoor event which makes it safer.”  She then goes on to say that she sees no problem taking the same precautions to have a fun and safe Halloween. 

As I went along asking people their view on Covid-19 and Halloween, Maggie Perkins stated, “I definitely think the same precautions should be placed.” It seems to be a trend that people want to stay safe. Marlee Rudy has just gotten her license. She said she is excited to drive around and see what this Halloween brings. She states, “ I think Halloween has not been impacted much by Covid.” Social distancing and being outdoors was and still has been the changes done to modify Halloween. Marlee Rudy wanted the same things to be considered this Halloween. Even the homecoming queen Nicole Fortes says that masking and the component of being outside will be something that should be done. 

To add a fun addition to this piece, people have conveyed their favorite Halloween costumes they have seen or worn. Maggie Perkins immediately lit up with the comment that a girls scout costume is a classic. Another anonymous person said an iconic look would be someone dressed up as a type of food. Marlee feels that a scarecrow is a simple, easy costume to go out in. There were many more fun costume ideas across the board: some took in consideration of objects, others say movie inspired outfits, along with the classic costumes. Overall, people enjoy becoming someone or something different. It’s the one night that someone can let loose and really get to be in a different skin while hanging out with friends and family. 

The pandemic’s effects are hard to grapple with. But, people are looking on the positive side of things. People have grown fatigued from the pandemic and are looking for any way they can to enjoy the fun things. This can be through getting free candy and dressing up as unique things, having a party, or even watching scary movies. People are stronger than they know and have learned that through this rollercoaster of events. This Halloween, everyone desires a glimpse of hope for the future.