Shining Section Champs

Maria Coleman, journalist

The Hampton Volleyball team is 10-1. Seniors Kai Herchenroether and Claudia Braun are the captains of this year’s team. I asked the girls the same questions, and each shared their own special responses. 

First, I asked, What’s different about this season, can you explain the winning streak?

Kai Herchenroether: “This season has the same players as last year, but everyone developed through club volleyball over the winter. It’s also our second year with Annie. We know how she coaches and she also understands us better this year. We have an extremely strong bond with each other, one that is not present on a lot of teams. We are 9-0, and we went undefeated in the first half of section playoffs.”

Claudia Braun: “This season has a new group of girls playing, and we have a good dynamic. We are all like family and so supportive of each other. It also helps that we are used to the coaching style of our coach, and she pushes us even harder than last year.”

Both seniors are obviously very passionate about their team bond this year, they both stress the importance of how close they all are. It’s brought excitement, hard work, support, and lots of well-deserved attention. 

Next, I asked, What would you change about this season? 

Both Kai and Claudia said that they wouldn’t change anything; however, Claudia added that she “wouldn’t change anything other than me not being a senior already.” 

Braun’s best piece of advice that she was given was to “always act like you have a chip on your shoulder and that you are the best player in the gym. It makes me more confident and ready to play the game.” 

This contrasts to Herchenroether as she says, “It’s a team sport, You cannot just rely on yourself, everything we do depends on each other.”

The final question focuses on big goals: Could you bring the team to playoffs or state? 

Claudia: “Our goal is to always bring the team as far as we can possibly go, and as long as we stay focused and keep our effort at the highest level, I think states is possible.”

Kai: “If we keep playing the way we have been, definitely. We are one of the strongest teams in the WPIAL, and I hope we can show that as far into the playoffs as possible.”