The Impact of Generations

The Impact of Generations

Maria Zebrine, Writer

As we reflect on our past and show gratitude this November, it is also timely to look at our generational heritage. There are many events that have and will continue to influence the generations at hand. This could be world wars, technological advancement, and economic bombs.  As of now, there are eight generations that have  majorly impacted and  shaped our world. Today, the ones that are most current to us start at the Baby Boomers and extend all the way to Generation Z.


Baby Boomers:

This generation was a big one that showed huge effects. These people were born between  1946-1954. They would have witnessed the Korean and Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movement, Sputnik Space and Education, fall of the Berlin Wall, and the Technological Revolution. With all this history comes wisdom. They have seen a lot and are currently in their 70’s and possibly 80’s.After the postwar this generation is what brought the world back. They started families, chasing dreams, and a hard work mentality taken with them as they make the world a better place. By the time their generation window closed, there were 72.5 million new babies born– numbers nobody had seen before. The world was populated by this generation immensely. 


Generation Jones:

Born between 1955-1965, these women and men are less mentioned than the former. It is a generation that closely follows after the Baby Boomers. This generation is following a huge one that took the spotlight. Generation Jones is known as the “Lost Generation.” They have witnessed many of the same events, but were quieter and let the Baby Boomers run the show. They are thriving now in their 50’s to late 60’s.  A generation unnoticed but having gone through a lot of global and domestic  changes, they still hold a lot of influence over the past half century.  


Generation X: 

Of all the generations, this one is smaller, but has influenced and witnessed some of the most pivotal moments in our country. Because of the largeness and influence that the millenials and the baby boomers had, this generation is known as the forgotten middle child generation. It is a generation that learned the ways of their parents. These individuals, born between 1964-1979, learned from the horrible experiences of war and violence. Along with that, they saw the fall of the Berlin Wall, birth of personal computers, and growth of education. The effects of seeing these things prompted many of them to go to college and find a job that was useful. Many urged the importance of having a productive life. The name came from the generation’s refusal to be defined by a name,  they started a trend with generations to come. The “X” is used as a variable for interpretation of someone’s personal thoughts. A generation strong and independent, and although their name is less telling, their actions speak louder. 


Generation Y: 

Those born between the ages 1980 and 1990 and are ages 28-41 years old.  These men and women are very tech savvy. They learned the basis of technology at a young age and used it to their advantage to do well in the business world. As a demographic, Generation Y is the fastest-growing generation in business and business leaders, HR advisors and team. This generation are very fast-paced learners and are grabbing the bull by its horns. This generation has taken an example from Generation X and is named with a single letter. Altogether Generation Y is looking at Generation X to help guide them. They are a group that is ready to take on any challenge. 


Generation Z : 

Generation Z was one that has changed the course that has been previously taken. They are the first generation to grow up with technology and access to the internet at such a young age. This has had both positive and negative effects. In most developed countries, these people have been well-behaved and entertained with the world around them. However, the digital world has left its footprint. It has caused people to spend less time reading books and being face-to-face. With this comes a weaker vocabulary and a shortened attention span. Students are more stressed with academics and grades and finding a job. Yet this has made them work harder to achieve their goals. There is no limit to this ambitious generation that has accomplished many advancements through the technological portal that has been opened. 


(The most recent generation is Generation Alpha, but there is not enough background to supply evidence to show the impact it has had)) 


These generations are crucial to help mold our world today. Whether this be events from the past, or events that could take place in the future. All the generations are important in unique ways, each of whom added major elements to our developing society today.