1.19: Minecraft’s Enneadecagol

1.19: Minecrafts Enneadecagol

Elin Boyce, Writer/Epic Gamer

Minecraft. Everyone’s favorite topic—more accurately everyone who has a thirst to express themselves through solely blocks. A world of second chances can be addictive. Fueling this excitement, Mojang released information about its new update. Minecraft is back, and more allay-zing than ever before. 


With the caves and cliffs update being released in two segments, excitement is already insurmountable amongst fans of the game. The wild update came as a pleasant surprise for all of us, here are a few student insights. 


“What do you think about the new Minecraft update?”


“I haven’t heard a lot about it, but I think I’ll get back into Minecraft when I get my new computer. I think it’s amazing that they’re not only adding fantasy elements but also a realistic element, with the frogs and tadpoles,” commented Gaby Spinola. 


1.19 introduces the new “Mangrove Swamp” biome. Complete with new blocks such as mud and mangrove trees. The part of this mangrove swamp keeping users on their toes is the frogs. The tadpoles will be the only baby mob that actually changes shape once it ages. Minecraft is already emerging as an educational game, so this appreciation for biology along with geology will benefit youthful players substantially. The tadpoles emerge from their initial form into frogs, differing depending on the biome. In the biome, there are additional natural spawns, such as boats with chests and fireflies. The fireflies have proven to be controversial, with people forming personal opinions of whether they should be deities or not. Currently, they are naturally spawning orbs of light. The mangrove swamps are definitely a major upgrade from the initial swamp biomes, which haven’t been updated since some minor changes in 1.18.


Jacob Barton also added that, “I think it will be very cool that they added new stuff, I wish the copper golems were part of it. I’m excited for it and especially the lost cities, the Warden will be cool. They were supposed to add it sooner, but I’m glad they got around to it with the underground part.” 


To make up for the unsolicited delay, Mojang not only introduced the highly anticipated Warden, but underground cities to go along with this treacherous mob. These cities are referred to as “Deep Dark Cities” and are home to the Warden. This new biome will be deep underground and include an abundance of “sculk blocks,” coming in a variety of forms. One of which is the sculk catalyst; every time a mob dies, the sculk catalyst grows in the mob’s place, height depending on how much experience would be dropped. Others include the sculk shoot and trap, which are just decorative blocks. It is also confirmed by Mojang that the Warden will be made up of sculk blocks, similar to the iron golem. 


While on the subject of iron golem, there was a poll back in October, asking users whether they wanted copper golems, allays, or glares. The copper golem seemed the fan favorite for a while, but the allay eventually pulled through on top. They are “helper” mobs. If you give the Allay a block or an item, it will search around looking for duplicates and bringing them back to you. Allays seem extremely useful, except they aren’t able to mine blocks. They are better for if you’re searching for a single item that falls, like apples in order to craft golden apples. This could also be extremely helpful for if you’re gathering wood from a large tree or if you’re mining out a large part of a mountain and want to keep the items. The Allay is a tiny creature with wings, it seems to be blue and humanoid.  


Overall, the Minecraft update will not only be substantial for new advancements in the game, but also introduces a new concept to Minecraft. The game of creativity is related to science with greater benefits than ever, expanding minds young and old. Most importantly, it’s getting people excited for something coming into the winter season.