Pittsburgh Christmas Traditions

Pittsburgh Christmas Traditions

Maria Zebrine

During this time of year there are so many unique traditions that arise within the Pittsburgh area. They range from bright lights shining on trees, to the delicious food that we eat. It’s time to imagine a world of wonders as we dive into this special holiday season. 

To start off there is the famous Phipps Conservatory. Inside this iconic building there lies sensational flowers of all colors, shapes, and sizes. To stay in the festive spirit the flowers are bright red and the dark, lush green bushes are in an array of structures. There are fun and mesmerizing areas that each have a theme as one enters the rooms of the conservatory. Some themes are more sophisticated with white roses surrounding golden fountains. Others are made to look like jungles with animals and different climates, as well as more random setups to showcase certain flowers and artwork .The conservatory is at its peak brightness this season, with the unique lights and christmas trees making it special along with snowman sculptures and reindeers to pose with for a picture. Along with the themes this season the atmosphere strikes hard. There are families with their young, couples, and the interested people who want a glimpse of beautiful art. When people enter they are excited to see what is inside. As they walk outside they get to see the display of all kinds of lights, snowflakes, christmas trees, and presents as you walk the path towards the end of the tour. The tour is one that allows you to see how art can be shaped. This year Phipps Conservatory will hold an amazing show for all to see. 

Following Phipps Conservatory the PPG paints arena puts on a spectacular show every year. There are a few events that take place involving this arena. The first thing involves the arena itself working with the Pittsburgh Zoo where Santa takes the Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey team on a fun parade. The parade highlights the hockey team’s achievements.  Besides the parade there will be chances to meet and see animals that we all love and know, decorating cookies will be open, and you can make holiday crafts. To organize the day, breakfast with Santa will be at 9:30 a.m. and lunch will be at 12:00 p.m. The days that these events will take place are December 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, and 18. There will also be another event at PPG paints arena.  A writer Jamie Welnick says, “This multi-platinum progressive rock powerhouse brings “The Ghosts of Christmas Eve ” to Pittsburgh on their Winter Tour. The lights, videos, music and storytelling will make for a holiday “rock theater” experience. ” All these experiences will be amazing to see as this season brings around the best Pittsburgh has to offer. 

There are many other traditions that our city of bridges holds.There are similar ones involving light up nights with big christmas trees. Carnegie has trees that light up the old building and hold much historical significance. Kennywood, the place to go on crazy rides, hosts a night where the entire park is lit up. Of course there are other areas where lights on huge trees are visible in the city. Besides the lights there are opportunities to see special christmas plays, such as the Nutcracker– a classic in the Benedum Theater. This iconic ballet mesmerizes any audience. Along with that, the Byham Theater has A Christmas Carol, a play that never fails to show the true meaning of Christmas. 

As we gather together to see the holiday events our city has to offer, let’s see the Christmas spirit flow through all of us. Through the young to old, this season we must show care to all our loved ones. May this show through our words and actions.