Powderpuff Fun


Photo courtesy of Hannah Kirkpatrick.

Megan Kang, Writer

An annual powderpuff in which girls compete in flag or touch football games is a beloved tradition at many high schools, although many students at Hampton have never heard of it. To join in on the fun, Hampton’s first powderpuff was held at the end of this past November, and it was completely organized by students in the senior class.

After the football season wrapped up, our players regained much of their freetime. Many in the senior lineup decided to help out with the powderpuff by coaching. Four teams with two coaches each battled for the championship on the last day of Thanksgiving break. Football players also helped out as referees for the event.

The powderpuff first appeared on Instagram @hamptonpowderpuff, and individual team accounts announced their rosters shortly after. The high-energy game held at Fridley Field operated on classic two-hand touch football rules and ended with a victory for the Painseeking Pancakers with Sophie Kelley as the MVP.









The winning team with their coaches. More photos can be found on Instagram @hannahkpshots. Photo courtesy of Hannah Kirkpatrick.