HHS Decks the Halls


Hope Walton

Hampton’s student council gathered after school in the past weeks to bring some holiday cheer to our halls. Each grade takes an assigned hallway to compete in a competition of festivity. The student council leaders run this event every year, but students have free reign to hang whatever lights, bows, and banners they see fit. The walls were lined with everything from a winter wonderland, a floor to ceiling snowman, and even a festive garfield.

Last year was a tough time for a lot of students, especially during the holiday season. With travel restrictions, and mandatory quarantines most people were unable to spend time with loved ones during the holidays. On top of this the school remained largely undecorated, as the student council was unable to organize the event with the hybrid schedule and separated pods. Student council president Nicole Fortes stated that, “I feel like since we were unable to decorate the halls last year, a lot more people than usual came out this year.” The seniors were even able to bring out nostalgic decorations from their freshman year, like the classic narwhal from the movie “Elf.”

Senior Fannie Ketler participated in the second week, making the infamous garfield. Ketler loved “bringing joy to the students, because December can be a long, tough month leading up to break.”

Student council senior class secretary Jillian Antol stated that her favorite part of the event was, “getting the chance to hang out with friends after school while making the school look very festive. It’s nice to be able to decorate with creative liberty and  getting a bunch of students from different grades to participate.”

There are so many ways for anyone to get more involved in the student council’s events. If you’re interested in helping with events such as thon, you can attend the next general assembly meeting and join one of the many committees from games to food, public relations, and so many more.

Next time you’re walking down the hallway and gaze up at the glittering lights, say a big thank you to the student council and every volunteer who worked hard to put this event together.