Rec Basketball First Highlights

Rec basketball has all the Hampton students talking. In December, 7 teams were formed and named after their coaches: Gaydos, Gess, Lewis, Campbell, Korn, Ferguson, and Miller. 


These competitive boys want to be on the best teams, to fight their way to the top and earn their bragging rights. It seemed that everyone wanted to be on the Korn team (red), as they had a very strong team and would compete in the final game on Day 1. 


Three games were set up: Gaydos vs. Gess, Lewis vs. Campbell, and finally Korn vs. Ferguson. Gaydos (green) and Gess (black), was a very tight game, each having a fighting chance. Gaydos was missing one of their main members, Aidan Shumaker, causing the team some distress. Cameron Marshalwitz, senior, on Gaydos said, “I think we will win, my team’s good and we have been working hard in practice, we are ready for this.” The teams played with their all, leaving Gaydos with the win, 37-30. 


Once the first game ended the second team started to prepare. The boys warmed up and reviewed the first game. Everyone had Gaydos in favor of winning, but the next game was hard to predict. This game was Lewis vs. Campbell. Lewis (light blue), had some very competitive players, Dylan Rubanstein was one. Dylan showed so much passion about the game and truly had a winning spirit. Campbell (orange), had some great players on their team: however, the only scoring players included Austin Yobbie, Charlie Schuit, and Jack Nollet. The game became very close in score and time on the clock was running out, Campbell was in the lead.  Senior Charlie Schuit got a backcourt violation causing Lewis to get the ball. At this point there were 20 seconds on the clock, Joey Mayer, junior, on Lewis scored the winning point for light blue. Final score 48-47.


In the final, most anticipated game, Korn (red) went up against Ferguson team (yellow). Brayden Hussar, a senior player on Ferguson said, “I think my team has a chance, I’m nervous though, they’re the best in the league.” Korn thought they had this in the bag. It was the last game of the night, and it was the one to see. It started off strong with red in the lead, but soon yellow demolished them. Red had no chance, there were moments in the game where maybe they could have passed them in points but never did. During the game things got heated and Justin Korn (Korn) checked Brayden Hussar (Ferguson) which made him go flying. This left the whole court in shock. John Morris (Korn) helped Brayden up, and they soon continued the thrilling game. Yet, everyone was so skeptical of who could win but it was seen that Korn got ahead of themselves and lost their first game. Ferguson (yellow) won the game of the night with a huge score of 57-37.


All games played had spectators on the edge of their seats. The student section present cheered on the boys the whole night.  Games are usually on Saturdays from 3:15 to 4:15, each an hour long. Occasionally, Monday games start at 6 to 8, each an hour long.