Fashion Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

Megan Kang, Writer

Today, fashion is so fast that it’s almost dizzying. Those who are able to keep up essentially do so as a job and let us consumers know what’s in this week. Yes, I’m talking about Kendall and Kylie, Gigi and Bella, and the Instagram/Youtube/Tiktok influencers. For the rest of us, it’s impossible and unsustainable to have a new outfit everyday of the year without breaking the bank.

Kendall Jenner sporting at-the-time trendy patchwork jeans. Image from Celebs First.
















That’s why we’ve been thrifting more and more. Not only is it cheaper, but since trends cycle, most of what’s fashionable today was fashionable in the past. But every once in a while, I like to buy something new and trendy. When I consider adding a new piece to my collection, I ask myself will I continue to wear it when it’s no longer trendy, do I have something similar already, and can I make multiple outfits with the piece.

Anyway, enough intro. Onto the trends!

Wellington/rain boots, as seen on Princess Diana. Well underway.

Image from Entertainment Tonight.
Image from The Telegraph.
























Ombre sheer in casual wear. From opaque to sheer in tops and skirts.

Image from Insider.
Image from Popsugar.





























Bell sleeves & peplums. Combine with ombre sheer and it’s a look.

Image from Vogue.
Image from Vogue.
Image from Who What Wear.
Image from Popsugar.




















































Accessories over gloves. As seen on Tiktok and Instagram.

Image from W Magazine.
Image from People.
Image from Gucci.

































Beaded stuff. I’d wear it. Love embellishments.

Image from Glamour.
Image from Moda Operandi.
Image from Urban Outfitters.











































Canadian tuxedo. Personal favorite–always cute but should be bigger.

Image from Vogue.
Image from @carmeloanthony.





























Instead of overconsuming, understanding trends will help you to discern if you’re buying a piece because it’s been pushed in your face or you’ll get good use out of it. Let’s consciously shop.

Comment and let me know what else should be added to this list.