A Day at HHS’s Physics Carnival

What happens when you cross the exploration of science and a bunch of HHS seniors? You get the Physics Carnival.


Austyn Mizgorski, Reporter

May 27th, 2022 marks the occurrence of Hampton High School’s lovely science-based “Physics Carnival,” an event where seniors present their weird and wonderful experiments to underclassmen. It was a day of laughs and learning, where kids could learn real world science concepts while simultaneously enjoying themselves. Who knew that fun activities could be this educational!


Beloved math teacher Mr. Lego is placed into a garbage bag for an experiment, simulating atmospheric pressure changes at higher altitudes.


The Experiments:


Experiments for this year’s Physics Carnival include the “physics of pancakes,” static electricity with balloons, simulated wind turbulence, and countless others. Students could freely walk around to explore the countless displays set up by HHS Class of 2022 alumni, simultaneously learning and having endless enjoyment with each new experiment. Most were completely interactive, allowing students to be easily immersed and understand the taught concept much easier. It provides a sense of intrigue as you partake in the experience, letting you sink your toes in to grasp the concept at hand.



When I went during 8th period, I was pleasantly surprised with all of the experiments. My personal favorite was provided by Class of ’22 member Anthony Dimaria, with his splendid display of magnetism. Using a Wii that was hooked up to an old television, a person would be able to use a string of magnets to distort the image on the screen. As someone who knows absolute zilch about magnets, this was a pleasant surprise for me, and so was the science behind it. The electrons within the screen are being thrown off course thanks to the induced magnetic field. Such disturbance results in the electrons hitting spots on the screen they weren’t supposed to, thus the distortion. It was a really intriguing experiment; props to all the people presenting in the Carnival!



As the school year inevitably comes to a close, it’s important to appreciate the little memories that made the 2021-2022 school year so exciting. Homecoming and prom made their comebacks, we finally could drop our masks (hooray!), and powering through countless issues, we really came out on top this year. One of the things that really made this school year special was the dedication, passion, and enthusiam of all that worked on the Physics Carnival. Thanks to them, we can end this school year with a bang!