Back in the Dawg Pound

HHS is back, baby! The Talbots are back to tackle the new school year head on.


Hamptonian Staff

With the beginning of September, the HHS study body has had a few days to let the new school year sink in. Excitement is at an all time high with the student populous, as the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year gets underway. As is the case with any new school year, the student body is bustling with discussion and plans for the rest of the year, as Hampton plans to take another year head on.


Hampton Vs. Shaler: The Rivalry of a Lifetime

After an undefeated regular season and a Section Title, the Talbots are looking to build their momentum into 2022. Hampton started the season with a crushing blowout over Knoch 48-0. But now, the mighty Talbots have shifted their focus to the challenge ahead: Shaler. The Hampton-Shaler rivalry is one of the most storied in the Northern Pittsburgh region. In the words of 1st-year head coach Steve Scullio: “It’s a border war. They see [Shaler players] everywhere, Walmart, Primanti’s. Every game we’ve played with them it’s been a one point game. They come prepared to win and so do we. Go Talbots.” Last year, Hampton defeated the Titans in a 41-38, overtime thriller. The Shaler boys are hungry for revenge on their own turf, but Hampton is looking to keep control of the series.


The Talbots are thrilled to be back and playing their 2022-2023 season with new head coach Steve Sciullo. Some of this year’s players were urged to give up the secrets to their game day rituals. Second string quarterback Adrian Midgley, a junior, must drink lots of water, listen to NBA YoungBoy, and try to stay loose and calm. Lineman Aidan Lewis, a senior, eats a protein rich dinner before he leaves for the game. He also listens to Lil Baby as his “pump up” music on his way to the field. We then asked Willy Haselrig, what his pregame routine is. Freshman wide receiver Willy takes a pregame nap, listens to NBA YoungBoy to hype up in the car, makes sure he has eyeblack, leg sleeve, and arm sleeve. Last, we asked head coach Steve Sciullo what his Friday afternoons look like. Coach tells his players that the key to each game is to “bring energy and passion, and if we can do that for all four quarters then we have something special.” Clearly the “dawgs” get into focus with these pregame routines, and apply this to Friday’s Hampton vs. Shaler game.


Homecoming of 2022

As the fall season begins, the Talbot’s sports, activities, and dances begin to ensue. Hampton’s student council is hard at work to make this year’s homecoming traditional and memorable. This year, the theme for homecoming is disco. Expectations are high this year for homecoming since we are coming back to school for our first normal year. The class of 2023 is excited and prepared to have their fun and regular homecoming back that they had their freshman year. Guilia Mauro, a senior, says, “I’m excited for the fashion aspect of homecoming.” The student council has a set playlist and is ready for the dance floor. “I think that some quality music, a DJ, some good music suggestions, decorations are a must obviously in order to create an inviting atmosphere,” says sophomore Eva Huegues. Homecoming will be held inside the cafeteria with the option of a relaxing outdoor seating area to cool off. Both indoor and outdoor areas will have groovy decorations with complimentary waters and cookies.


Return of the Old, Arrival of the New

This school year has offered plenty of new and old faces into the building. This is HHS’s first year since 2020 that we’ve had no restrictions with masks or social distancing. We went to some of the students who’ve been present in the high school for these limitations to hear what they thought about the school year. Andrew Kaehly, a junior, shared how positively he felt about the lack of restrictions this school year. He had this to say on the matter: “Being back without masks or social distancing is great. It makes things more personable, and it’s not as emotionally draining as the past two years.” Being back without limitations is certainly a new experience, as students can finally see each other’s smiling faces without the burden of masks.


It isn’t just the upperclassmen who have opinions about this school year. The Hamptonian interviewed a handful of freshmen to get their opinions on the start of their high school careers. Whitney Donahue shared her opinion of how “the first day of school was not as hard as we all expected,” showing the subversion of expectation within the freshman class. Marley Dankmyer, also a freshman, shared a similar sentiment, saying “The middle school prepared us very well, and there wasn’t a big gap of things we missed between 8th and 9th grade.” Each new school year brings in a new set of freshmen who’ve never experienced anything like what the high school has to offer. However, confidence emanates from the Class of ‘26, ready to take on the new school year.


The 2022-2023 school year has a lot to offer the study body this time around. A long standing sports rivalry, the excitement of homecoming, and the return of new and old HHS students has put a lot on the table for the start of this school year. However, there’s much more waiting for us down the road, so let’s start this year with a bang!