The Upcoming Fall Play: Noises Off!

Behind the Curtain


A few of the cast members working on improv

Marisa Vizzoca, Journalist

Hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears. Well, maybe not blood, but definitely dedication and hard work, all make the upcoming play possible. This year, the Hampton Drama Club run by new student directors, Audrey Alling and Aja Lynn both class of 2023, decided to give a twist to the Fall of ‘22 play.  Noises Off!

The fun play written by Michael Frayn and produced in 1982 was actually an inspiration piece about a play he had created called The Two of Us. The term “noises off” is a theatrical term meaning that there are noises coming from offstage. The play, well the play within a play, consists of three different acts that take place at different fictional theaters all within different time periods along the play’s 10-month run.

An insider look of what to expect, Kai Suyama ‘23 is starring as Garry as well as Roger. When asking Kai what he feels most nervous about he replied with, “memorization of my lines.” To Kai, everything is unpredictable at this early stage. However, Kai said he was “more excited than nervous.”

New student director, Audrey Alling ’23 said, “I’m not so much nervous than I am excited; however I am nervous about the time constraint we have.” Audrey then said that she is excited about “how the set and costumes will come together. We also have a fantastic team to work with. Our (stage) crew members, actors and actresses are absolutely fantastic.” 

Lily Stalewski ’24 is the Student Art Director, and said that they are most excited about the “use of new designs and learning new techniques.” Lily said things are going to be “ bigger and better!” However, there are some nerves about the amount of people in stage crew. According to multiple sources, as well as Lily, there has been a decline in how many people are in stage crew. “I am mostly nervous about the lack of people in stage crew, but I am excited to see what the crew and cast can pull off.”

In another part of stage crew, Giulia Mauro 23’ said she is excited about “making the costumes, as well as making new friends. As well as being surrounded by people who want to be there and enjoy the same things as I do. But I am nervous about getting 9 different costumes done in time.” 

A first-time actress,  Linnea Taube ’26 says, “Since this is my very first play I am nervous about going on stage and then people not liking it. Or even people making fun of me. However I am excited about walking through the doors at the end of the show and everyone happy. It’s an exciting feeling I can’t wait to experience.”

Nerves are circulating throughout all grades involved in the play, but that’s what makes it all come together at the end. The actors and actresses involved in the play, use different improvising techniques to help them get in touch with their characters–almost exactly like how they do it in the show “Victorious.” Even though they are all anxious, their student directors make sure to address any uncertainties they might have.

Come support the Hampton Drama Club November 10th- 12th!