The Flavor Series: Part One – Bananarama

The Flavor Series: Part One - Bananarama

Do you ever eat some banana ice cream or some banana-flavored candy and think to yourself, “that does not taste like a banana that I would get in the store”? Well, there isn’t anything wrong with your tastebuds. The fact is, you are right. It doesn’t taste like a banana. It’s nothing but disappointment.

Now you may be asking, “What do you mean, Alex?” Well, the flavoring (how many times have I used that word?) in banana-flavored things are based on type of banana that we do not really eat any more or at least you will not find them at your local supermarket. The Cavendish Banana is what we eat now, but the banana flavoring is based off theĀ  Gros Michel variety, French for Big Mike. These actually were the standard bananas people ate until 1950 when a fungus almost wiped them out. At that point, they were replaced by the Cavendish Bananas that we eat today.