Hampton vs. Pine Richland Homecoming


Maria Coleman, Journalist

Hampton and Pine-Richland both have homecoming, and students generally follow the same routines. Get ready, take pictures, go to dinner, go to the homecoming dance, then find an after party or go home to recover from such a long night. However, despite these similarities, there are many different characteristics to each school’s dance. 

Pine-Richland High School is home to more than 1,500 students. This means they need to have a big enough space for everyone to fit comfortably. Before walking into the dance, huge lines form outside the stadium. Four for each grade level. When checking in with first and last names, every outside guest must show some form of an ID to show the principal. As soon as you and your date have been verified, Dr. Hernandez welcomes you and assures you that you’ll have fun as long as you’re safe and appropriate. 

After your bags get checked, they have Rita’s Water Ice set up for everyone. They also have 3 full tables with 3 different sized water bottles. Like last year’s dance, Pine-Richland hosted their homecoming dance on the field. They had two different DJ’s set up on both ends of the field as well as cornhole, Kan-Jam, and Spike Ball. Similarly to last year, one big crowd formed around the same DJ. The dance lasted from 7-10 and towards the end of the night, they had enough green Eat-N-Park Smiley cookies for everyone. In my personal experience, the Rams have always been welcoming with open arms. It’s easy to get along with everyone since everyone just wants to have a good time all the time. 

Now let’s talk about Hampton homecoming. I have to give lots of props to the people who spent so much time and effort organizing this dance. They did an amazing job this year overall. Differently from last year, the dance took place inside the high school cafeteria instead of on the field. Before entering the dance, they checked your names, ID’s, and tickets. Later, the girls and boys were separated to check bags and jackets for safety. They did this in the most efficient way to get everyone inside as quickly as possible. There was lots of open room for dancing, tables to set down jackets and bags, open doors leading outside for a breath of fresh air, and a DJ who followed a playlist created by Hannah Kirkpatrick. Overall the dance was a fun night for everyone. The only thing I would change to approve upon next year is the water situation. There weren’t enough water bottles to satisfy everyone, so they had us write our names on the bottles and refill them. 

In the debate of Hampton vs. Pine Richland homecoming, I have to agree that the dawg pound does it best.