2022 PowderPuff Preview

2022 PowderPuff Preview

Maria Coleman, Journalist


Brock Borgo, Adrian Midgley, and Aidan Lewis

With the 2022 powderpuff season coming up, we asked head coaches and players some pregame interview questions to surround some hype around the big game taking place on October 15th at 12pm. These interviews can be found on the Hamptonian Instagram. But first let’s go over the teams.

Team Nutmeg is coached by Benny Haselrig, Brennan Murray, and Michael Morgano. The players are Meghan Murray, Jessi Lange, Halle Furge, Maya Obendorfer, Julia Herrmann, Lillie Bill, Brianna Desabato, and Hannah Kirkpatrick. 

Team Bloodbath and Beyond is coached by Koda Carslaw, Michael Light, and Maddox Lohr. The players are Claire Rodgers, Laynie Loebig, Emi DiLiberto, Brooklyn Eastly, Trista Dutchnowski, Julia Bigante, Andrea Quaglia, and Teagan Nolan. 

Team Purple Nurple is coached by Adrian Midgley, Nate Glock, and Brock Borgo. The players are Maria Coleman, Sienna Rex, Sterling Thomson, Emma Rick, Mary Maloy, Elena Rossetti, and Elena Herchenroether. 

Team Ball Eaters are coached by Dylan Rubenstein, Aidan Lewis, and Tyler Mack. The players are Heidi Kroneberg, Anna Weisbrode, Ava Mushinsky, Avery Koontz, Mallory Malloy, Lauren Gale, Bella Haubach, and Mckenna Andrews. 

Team Back That Pass Up is coached by Joey Mayer, Eric Weeks, and Gabe Harris. The players are Kate Chapman, Marlee Rudy, Rita Khoury, Lindsay Fiscus, Hayley Dutchnowski, Allison Shepner, Giulia Mauro, and Jordyn Williams. 

The last team is coached by Braxton Eastly, Matt Moser, and Anthony Bucci. The players are Hannah Dittrich, Skye Bierker, Kendall Solkovy, Katherine Jenkins, Gabby Imbarlina, Nicole Kosko, and Abby Boyd. 

Come out and support the girls this Saturday, October 15th at Fridley Field. 2 games will be played on either end zone at the same time. After 4 rounds of games, the championship will be played.