Flavor Series Part 2: They’re Grape!


Alex , writer

Now do you also wonder why grape flavored things do not taste like grape? Well, for much of the same reason why   banana flavored things do not taste like the real thing—they are both based on another variety (what a coincidence).

Unlike banana flavor things, which have a certain charm to them,  grape flavored things are the worst in my opinion. Who drinks grape Fanta?  Not to be side tracked—the synthetic grape flavor is based off of the Concord grapes and not wine grapes we are used to eating. Although, unlike the flavoring of fake bananas, these grapes being (Concord grapes) were never very popular. Candied grapes taste so different because they have synthetically produced methyl anthranilate. That’s what makes them taste like Concord grapes. The flavoring is cheaper and easier to put into drinks, candies, and other snacks.

I’ve recently had grape flavored Nerds. They are absolutely terrible. Synthetic grape flavoring just doesn’t taste like grape. It tastes like disappointment and corn syrup. They have an appealing bright purple to draw you in, and then the result is too painful to endure. Prove me wrong, comment one thing that is grape flavored that tastes good.