PowderPuff Recap


Maria Coleman, Journalist

Hampton’s tradition of Powderpuff continued this year with 6 teams partially organized by football seniors and senior Brennan Murray. These 6 teams battled to the championships, playing 4 rounds of 15-minute games. Brennan Murray refereed the games to keep them honest and fair. Each team had 3 football boys as coaches, one defensive coach, one offensive coach, and a head coach. 

Flyer Porter Kelley

When it came down to semi-championships, team Purple Nurple went up against Team Bloodbath and Beyond. Team Purple Nurple won and advanced into the championships. These thrilling games kept coaches on their feet since there were 4 broken clipboards on the field. The games were played as a 2-hand touch operation. Julia Herman, part of team Nutmeg, received a 30 yard pass from their team’s quarterback, Meghan Murray. This led Team Nutmeg to win the championship!