Why Political Violence is a Terrible Thing

picture from cnn.com

picture from cnn.com

Alexander Paglialonga, writer

Warning: if you believe in far right conspiracies, get the heck out you do not want to read this.


A week ago someone broke into Nancy Pelosi’s home and tried to kill her with with a hammer. Nancy, however, was not home at the time, so this MONSTER 42-year-old David DePape ended up trying to tie Paul Pelosi up. He failed, but he fractured Paul Pelosi’s skull.

Mr. Pelosi is okay now after he was taken to the hospital. He had to get surgery to fix his skull, and the surgery was a success thankfully.

It is widely rumored that this attack was politically motivated. Now I do not know how badly screwed up you have to be to think it is a good idea to try to kill someone just because you don’t like their politics. That is just wrong.

I think this fits a bigger theme of political unrest in the country. On Twitter or Facebook, people sometimes say they want to kill people because they not like them. Do they not know this is a felony?

Now, other politicians a quite fearful because this could happen to them. None of them deserve this. I mean, would you like to have someone trying to kill YOU? I don’t think so. The politically motivated hatred in this country is very much undeserved. Granted, stuff like this has been happening ever since the times of Andrew Jackson. If you don’t know, somebody came out of a crowd and tried to shoot him, but his gun missed. Then the attacker pulled a second pistol. When that one jammed, the president began to beat him with his stick.

It’s been two centuries since that happened. Have we really not gotten better as a country?