Digital artwork of original characters

Diving in Digital

Leonardo Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Rembrandt, Vincent van Gogh, etc. They’re all famous artists, easily recognizable by name alone. Did you ever take a second to think about the fact that maybe you might be living amongst really talented artists? Some of our own peers might become the next big thing. Let’s pass the paintbrush to our artists.

Digital artwork of original characters created by Austyn Mizgorski

Austyn Mizgorski, who started art in third grade, is fascinated with art and all the stories that come with it. They mostly prefer to do all of their cartoons or drawings digitally. When asked what they liked most about art, they said “I love the fact that I can translate something that is otherwise incomprehensible into a piece that encapsulates the feelings I’m incapable of expressing through words.” There are different things that can influence an artist’s mindset on why they paint or draw the stories they do. For Austyn they are inspired by “the art present in indie games, especially rhythm games. It’s so bouncy and lively, and I hope to replicate that in my cartoons.”  Austyn is also a journalist for the Hamptonian and writes the Tea Time articles, and designs the cover photos for that segment. Take a look at their art and feel free to check out their series.  Keep up the great work Austyn, this looks fantastic!

Digital drawing of original characters created by Owen Anderson

Another digital artist, Owen Anderson started taking art seriously in 2018, but then focused on digital art in 2020. Owen says what he likes most about art is “doing art for others and giving it to them to hopefully make their day better if they were having a bad one.” Giving a loved one a piece of art is by far one of the greatest gifts to receive due to the fact that time, dedication, and thought was put into that piece. He is inspired by “my friend who got me back into digital art and she has really helped me with my pieces.” Having guidance is really important because it helps you as an artist determine what you should do to improve your art and what you like most. For example, if you aren’t using oil paints correctly, how will you know if you truly like it or not? When it comes to art it can be anything you want, Owen said, “ The art I make is nice and fun. I find it a good time to relax and listen to music. A good thing about art I like is its suggestion: no art is bad, it’s all based on the eyes of the beholder. One last piece of advice: if you think you’re bad at art, that’s ok, we all start somewhere and we just need to practice what we like to draw.” What might seem bad to you might seem like a masterpiece to someone else.

Many ups and downs come with being an artist, and both Austyn and Owen show the ups with their fantastic work. Keep an eye out in the hall for their artwork for their art class as well! Don’t underestimate local artists because they might be the next big thing. Good luck to you both! Stay tuned for more features.

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