Friendsgiving…a Day to Remember!


Kathleen Milon, Journalist

This past Thursday the Special Education Department put on a Friendsgiving party! Each student was allowed to invite one buddy to the event who was paired with them through the Best Buddies Club here at Hampton High School. When all the buddies walked in, we were in awe of all the decorations and smiles on everyone’s faces. The room was filled with colorful balloons and streamers along with a whole side devoted to the Thanksgiving themed buffet. There was turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, macaroni and cheese, and any other thanksgiving item that you could think of. Before everyone ate, we talked about our thanksgiving plans along with what our favorite foods and desserts were during this special meal. Then we all got in line to get our food and ate at our assigned tables. After lunch, they announced that it was dessert time and our eyes glistened when we saw the long table of ice cream sundaes and cookies.

When the lunch portion was done we played games with balloons and took pictures next to the friendsgiving balloon arrangement. Then we played Bingo! All the kids were so excited and cheered everytime someone yelled that they won. After we had played four rounds, we all sang karaoke. The crowd favorite was Love Story by Taylor Swift. Junior buddy Meghan Murray said, “It was so fun to see all the smiles on everyone’s faces, just being together made everyone really happy.” Another junior buddy who was invited was Liam Mignogna, “Friendsgiving brightened my mood, and really made me happy. The food was amazing and it was fun to eat and play games with all of the amazing people there.” More fun and games will be held at future Best Buddies Meetings organized by Juniors Hailey Meyer and Ellieana Myros.

For more information visit the Best Buddies instagram account @hamptonbestbuddies