The Best “Friends” Holiday Episode

The Best Friends Holiday Episode

Kaitlin Howe, Friends Fan and Swiftie

Many people have come to know and love the popular 90’s sitcom Friends. The show ran from 1994 through 2004 and centered around 6 friends living in NYC.  The cast portrayed a hilarious bunch who went through the trials and tribulations of maturing through their 20’s and 30’s. The characters Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross take us through all seasons of life. However, in honor of the holiday season, let’s take a look at the best holiday episode. 

The One With The Routine (Season 6, Episode 10)

In this hilarious episode, Joey’s new dancer roommate, Janine, is invited to dance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking ‘Eve special, which she announces in front of the whole gang in the iconic Central Perk. Monica and Ross reveal that they have been huge fans of the special since they were young children. Janine happily invites Ross and Monica along with her and Joey. When the time for the dancing arrives, Joey hopes that he can impress Janine since he has a bit of a crush on her. However, his chances of making his move are quickly dashed when Janine is partnered up with another man at the party, and he ends up with a “crazy dancer girl” in his words.

Joey’s “Crazy Dancer Girl” tries to impress Joey with her moves

While they are performing, Rachel and Phoebe begin their search for Monica’s presents for them. Every year Monica hides the presents from the group and Rachel and Phoebe always try to find them. Even though they have never succeeded, this year they have a good feeling. They scramble around the apartment in search of the gifts. Chandler tries to stop them to save the magic of Christmas, but the girls trick him into helping them find the presents. Phoebe finds a bag under the couch that Monica has placed to divert them. It was a dirty old shoe that had a note attached to it that reads, “Haha losers. Did you really think I’d hide presents under the couch? Also, Chandler, I know they’d break you!”

Rachel reads Monica’s note she left on the fake present

The friends are defeated, but don’t give up hope. When Rachel finally gives up, she sits on the bench underneath the iconic window which she realizes is hollow. She lifts the cushion and finds the presents. Monica walks in on them opening the gifts and spoils Chandler’s lackluster gift. All of them were sort of disappointed in their gifts, but happy they found the secret hiding spot.

Back at the special, Joey’s chances of being with Janine are being sabotaged, Monica and Ross succeed in embarrassing themselves by attempting to get on TV with their dreadful dance skills. At one point of desperation, they whip out “The Routine”, a dance that Monica and Ross used to win “’Honorable Mention in the Brother Sister Dance’ category,” says Ross, in their middle school talent show. Their attempt works, but not how they thought. Their dance was filmed to be included in the blooper reel for the show. Despite Ross and Monica’s unfortunate luck, Joey ends up scoring a kiss with Janine to close out the episode. 

The final pose of the “Routine”