Happy Holidays!


Eva Huckle, Writer

It’s true! Thanksgiving is over, and a new holiday appears to take over the shelves of target. So many Christmas movies, activities, and treats now come into full swing of the winter season now slowly coming up. There are so many new activities and ideas for people to partake in to get into the Christmas spirit. 

Light show

Even though you might not have the most elaborate lights to show at home, there are a ton of different shows that present crazy festive lights with the comfort of never even leaving your own car. These light shows can be extremely cheap, and most of them usually are paired with music to listen to while the light show continues to add to the experience. Places like the Pittsburgh Zoo, and the Christmas light up celebration all take place right here in Pittsburgh.

Christmas shops and santa’s downtown

Looking for a unique Christmas gift? Maybe for some different views on culture this season? Well, the downtown Christmas shops are honestly just the place where many people find the majority of their holiday cheer! Right next to a beautiful shining display tree, there are multiple different shops residing in the square just a block down. These shops contain fun ornaments, sweets, and, most importantly….Santa! There are also different displays of Santas in the PPG building right across from these wonderful shops. These Santas are all represented from different places around the world and they really give an insight to how everyone personally celebrates the holidays! 

Ice skating

Even if ice skating is a pretty well known winter activity, there are so many different and special places that offer ice skating that coordinates with the Christmas spirit. For example, the premium Point State Park, or more well known as the highmark Unity tree, not only has a large ice skating rink, but has a huge christmas tree right in the middle of it! There are also many other ice skating rinks around Hampton that do not require as much driving.  For example, the PPG Paints Arena, or the North Park ice skating rink.

 Nutcracker in the Benedum Theater

And last, but certainly not least, this event takes place downtown as well, but the infamous show is the perfect representation of holiday cheer. The show is put on graciously by the Pittsburgh ballet theater. And requires at least 120 dancers to put on the show! The show is extremely family friendly, and even offers sensory friendly experience to those sensitive to flashing lights and loud sounds, and makes an amazing festive trip right before christmas!