A New Edition to Hampton’s Legacy

We’ve officially entered a new modern era here at HHS.


Going down E-Hall, you now have a hallway that will take you from E to G without having to cross through H-Hall.

Austyn Mizgorski, Journalist

Coming back from winter break, faculty and student alike were pleasantly surprised to see the new edition added onto the end of the school. We gained extended walkways at the ends of both E-Hall and G-Hall, an exit from H-Hall to reduce hallway clutter, a new location for our beloved Busy Bean, gender neutral bathrooms, the new library, and a brand new seating area. It was official — we had our brand new edition. Seemingly endless construction to many Hampton individuals has finally yielded results. Results that, according to many members of Hampton’s vast population, view extremely positively.

The cafe’s hightops, featuring outlets beneath the table.

For as long as the high school could remember, we were rather “stuck in the past” in comparison to other high schools across the country. The new edition, however, plans to kickstart the process of modernizing HHS into any normal high school. The new cafe area posts three tables with four seats each, a hightop with outlets, and a small couch/ottoman set. Directly facing this new cafe spot is the brand new library, where Mrs. Eidenshink now resides. Also nearby is the brand new Busy Bean, where students with passes can stop by to purchase snacks and drinks during their study hall. Further down the hallway are Hampton’s first non-faculty gender neutral bathrooms. Rather than one large room, each stall is its own separate room for maximum privacy. Talk about becoming more modern!

When comes to the new editions present within the high school, the HHS populous is buzzing with excitement about what we got and what’s to come in the future. Hampton seniors especially seem to be loving the new area; with only a view months here to enjoy it, it’s only natural to see many seniors stopping by to explore and bask in the new edition. Senior Lillie Bell loves the peacefulness of the new cafe, sharing “It’s very quiet, and I like how we can come down here during our study halls and lunch time.” Similarly, her fellow senior Brianna Desabato was a fan of the new cafe, citing how “It’s a great space to just hang out.” With its easy accessibility and warm environment, it’s only natural that students flock to the cafe area to socialize with their friends and to work on assignments. With their short time here, seniors are ready to enjoy the new edition for as long as they can.

A glimpse into the brand new library.

It isn’t just Hampton seniors that are in love with the new edition, however. Freshman Kaitlin Howe was similarly a fan of the new edition, but had a minor gripe with it. As she shared, “I feel like it’s beneficial to us, but I wish they didn’t have spent that much money on it. It could’ve gone to a better cause, like the arts and humanitarian program.” The junior class’s foreign exchange student, María Núñez, finds the new edition extremely exciting. In our interview, she told me how beneficial she viewed the edition as: “The hightops allow you to sit either with friends or by yourself, which I think is great. The new library is also really fascinating.” The new edition, with its boundless options, is seemingly making waves in the student body.

This new edition is the first step in a brand new era of HHS. With this new institution, the path has been paved for further and greater renovations to benefit the Hampton populous. While the construction has been a pain for many, it has finally yielded some positive results; the Hampton history books with never be the same from now on.