Back-to-School Bash

Sydney Andrews, Editor and Author

Ever since 2017, it has been a tradition that on the second Friday of the school year the student council throws the Back-to-School Bash. The event has always been packed full of fun activities including the tie-dye stand, the dunk tank, and karaoke. 

But this year the bash was different. At the end of the school day, I noticed many students left early. This made us wonder–why did so many students skip the Back-to-School Bash?

After discussing this with some other editors of The Hamptonian, we concluded that we needed to go out and ask students what they like and dislike about the bash.

During 6th period lunch, I spoke with a table of junior girls who enjoyed the bash overall. Some specifics of what all they enjoyed were the tie-dye station, ice cream, and karaoke. 

In fact, across the board, the most popular attractions were the dunk tank, karaoke, tie-dye station, and the ice cream. The students loving the dunk tank is a given, but hearing more feedback about the rest of the activities was great!

Something mentioned multiple times was, why not hold the bash on another day? If this were to happen, more students would be there due it being on a different Friday. On Labor Day Weekend, many families travel and pull their kids out of school early (before the bash starts) for them to go on a getaway.

A possible fix for this could be that we could hold the bash in the middle of September. This would lessen the amount of people who would be leaving for traveling reasons. 

A senior mentioned that the bash was just getting old to them, it was the same rotation of activities. The bash had almost the same set-up as last year.  In addition, the senior mentioned that introducing new activities to the bash would give it a different vibe. Keep in mind that if most seniors have the opportunity to leave, they will.

An additional problem that arose was students mentioned it was a little too hot for their liking. If we decided to have the bash later in the year ,students could possibly have a better time without overheating. But if we are unable to move the date, we could possibly add water balloons and water guns into the mix of events. Involving water activities for the students would help the hot students cool off and relax. 

Another suggestion students had proposed is adding food trucks to the event. This way some students would be able to have lunch during the bash. This could possible bring up some cost problems, but it was a suggestion from the students who liked the food trucks at Talbot Thon the year of 2018-2019.

All in all, the students were very grateful for the effort and time put into the bash by student council and the administration. I am glad to be part of a school that celebrates and welcomes us back into the school year.

Thank you for all that you’ve accomplished with the bash, Student Council!


ALL PHOTOS TAKEN BY Camie Peters-Editor and Author