Star Wars The Last Jedi: Strike 1 for Disney.

Gavin Van Voorhis

So, it’s no secret that The Last Jedi has gotten mixed reception from audiences across the world. This piece of hot garbage leaves us to ask: who allowed this to happen? Some people would be quick to blame Disney, when in reality it doesn’t go that far. The one who allowed this to happen is Lucasfilm CEO Katherine Kennedy and Director Rian Johnson for making a movie less competent than your average episode of Superfriends.

That being said, let’s dive into 5 reasons why Star Wars: The Last Jedi is one of the worst movies ever made.

1. Lack of compelling or developed characters.

So yeah, there are no characters in this movie that are actually likable or meaningful. Rey is just as bland as ever save Daisy Ridley’s fantastic performance. Luke Skywalker is depressing. Finn is too jokey to care about. And this new character called Rose Tico? It baffles me as I can’t imagine someone more stupid or useless than she is. Poe Dameron is just the worst person you can find in a movie. The only character that is interesting in the slightest is Kylo Ren and that’s because the possibilities in which to take his character are nearly endless, but he remains static because the director Rian Johnson cares nothing about these characters J. J. Abrams set up for us. These fools have remained the same start to finish with either no character arc or an incomplete one. Now none of this is on the actors who played these thoughtless roles. I can’t imagine why they would work for someone with such terrible ideas. Maybe they were paid a lot of money to be in this terrible installment in the venerable franchise.

2. Mindless and boring action.

Remember back when space battles were exciting and fast paced in the Star Wars universe? You don’t have to remember, because I do. Camera angle were many and fast, giving off a sense of adrenaline filling your body. Sadly, none of that is in The Last Jedi. In this movie, everything is shot from one plane, and the space fighters and bombers move so slowly. Seriously, don’t even get me started on those stupid bombers. Are they impossible in the Star Wars universe? No. Are they illogical? They most certainly are. How do those bombers even make it away from their target? They have to get in so close to their targets that it’s suicidal and not to mention they all stick together, which means a tie fighter can literally just shoot at one and take out 3 due to the explosion chain that happens, but I’m getting ahead of myself. For those who are asking themselves why I didn’t include the throne room scene, don’t worry, it’ll come up later. 

3. Lack of character motivation.

This is a section that affects every character but it most notably, Rey. Throughout the movie, I was constantly asking myself “What does Rey even want in this movie?” I mean, seriously, she doesn’t even have a goal to reach for in this movie, which is something that The Force Awakens succeeded at doing. It all just comes down to bad writing. This is one of the biggest reasons I almost lost hope in this franchise.

4. Actions that ruin past films.

Ok, you all knew this was coming… This is THE biggest issue I have with this movie, and that is the scene where one of the Resistance cruisers simply just destroys an entire fleet of star destroyers by using lightspeed. First of all, hyperspace in Star Wars was actually pretty simple. It was a means of safely traveling at the speed of light without breaking the space time continuum via the use of a portal through a dimensional tunnel and appear out the other end. However, since Rian Johnson is a complete idiot, he seemed to think that lightspeed in Star Wars was just going really fast, and therefore completely ignoring the internal logic that the previous 7 movies had set up.

5. The overrated Throne Room Scene.

Ok, here we are at last, the scene everyone had the most complaints about… First of all, the presentation of this scene is very unoriginal, as it was pretty much stolen from The Wizard of Oz. Secondly, why do they kill off Snoke at almost the very beginning of the scene? This movie has way too many plot twists that it’s actually annoying. Anyone who has seen the movie probably knows about the disappearing knife, but that’s not even close to a quarter of the things wrong with the fight in this scene. Now I’m gonna come clean to you and say that I actually like this fight scene, but not because it’s any good since it is really bad. I like the scene because it’s absolutely hilarious watching the poor choreography of the fight play out. But then comes the biggest middle finger to the Star Wars fanbase, in the form of splitting the original lightsaber of Luke Skywalker in half. An item that has almost been the heart and soul of Star Wars in pop culture, completely destroyed, and along with it, any shred of hope that this franchise could recover from the mistakes of this movie. 


Now listen, each new Star Wars movie is going to look good, mostly because they’re sinking almost half of their budget into the special effects department, but the story they are showing with the visuals is completely different from the story that is actually being told. This has been an issue with a lot of effects-driven movies of late. Now hypothetically, if you made a movie and the visuals in your movie were telling a different story than the one that’s actually being told, it breaks the audience’s immersion in the story rather than enhancing it, making it void on any emotional attachment that the movie could potentially have had otherwise. 

Final Verdict:

So now you know how terrible this movie was when looking at it objectively. I’ll probably keep going to see these movies in the theaters, but I no longer have any emotional connection to this franchise since The Last Jedi took my childhood AND my film-loving soul, chewed it up, and spat it out. I suppose you all are expecting or wanting a rating for this movie from a score out of 10, with a 5/10 meaning average. So I give this movie a 3/10, and I’m honestly being pretty generous about that.