Talbots Bounce Back After Shutout

Greg Hillman, Sports Writer

No one ever said if you can’t play how you feel, play how you look. 

But that’s exactly what the Talbots did on Friday, August 31st. After an early season shutout, the boys’ spirits were low, and statistically, Armstrong had the upper hand on paper. Both QB Cole Brown and RB Issac Ridinger had a huge game last year against Hampton that resulted in an Armstrong 29-15 win at Fridley Field. This year was much different for both sides. The anticipation of Isaiah Price’s role on Armstrong’s highly explosive offense was shattered when right before kickoff we could see a knee brace on his left knee. Would Armstrong pay a high price for no Price? 

Hampton got off to a slow start offensively going 3 and out on their first possession. But the Talbots would return the favor to the River Hawks and force them to punt after a 3 and out. But one player in particular would make up for his game against Knoch and would ground the River Hawks for the rest of the game. Luke Lindgren blocked the punt and the Talbots had 1st & 10 inside their own 30. A couple plays later Lindgren found himself in the back of the endzone and soon the Talbots lead 7-0. But that lead would not last as Armstrong marched down the field with 2 quick plays and where inside the Hampton 25-yard line. Cole Brown would throw a lob pass to Justin Wuagaman in the far right corner of the endzone to get the River Hawks on the board but would miss the extra point, leaving the Talbots with a 1-point lead.

Hampton would not be downed for long as Josh Andersson would return a 90-yard kickoff return to add to the Talbots lead 13-6. Matt Dematteo would add the PAT and the Talbots lead 14-6 at the end of the 1st quarter. 

Matt Dematteo had to fill in for the injured Ian Andersson in Week 0 in Hampton’s 24-0 loss at Knoch. That game he completed 6 of his 12 passes for 53 yards. But Dematteo has showed that he can be more than just a valuable backup quarterback. He booted a 35 yard field goal in the 2nd half to add to the Talbots leads. Ian Andersson would add another touchdown and the Talbots would finish off the River Hawks 30-12. 

Luke Lindgren would finish with 23 carries for a game high 107 yards rushing. Ian Andersson would finish 2nd with 102 yards and would complete 4 of his 9 passes. 

The Talbots hosts the Shaler Titans in Week 2 for their home opener on Fridley Field’s newly renovated turf field.