Freshman: Are They Really Ready For High School?

Janie Aronson, Writer

What do you think of when you think of freshman year? Personally, if you had asked me this over the summer I would have thought of a new, exciting stage of my life with more responsibilities. However, others may have thought of how nervous they were for it to start. Some may have thought about how quickly summer went by, and how they wished school wasn’t going to start so soon. 

Recently during lunch periods 5 and 6, I interviewed some of my fellow freshmen and asked them questions regarding their freshman year. “I was feeling pretty anxious for school to start,” one student said. “At first I was super nervous for all my new teachers. I had heard from people that one of my teachers wasn’t the nicest. However, after meeting them, and them helping me open my locker on the first day of school, I know that is not the case.”

After hearing this response I was curious to know how many other students felt the same way. After some more asking around I realized the majority of responses received were pretty similar. Students were anxious or nervous about school or teachers. However, other students just didn’t want summer to end. “I didn’t want to come back to school at all, I wished summer would last longer,” Brenna Johnson said.

After learning how students felt about school over the summer, I asked them how school was now that they have been able to experience it, and if they had any advice for fellow freshmen who were still nervous about school. “It’s much better than I thought it would be, but I still wish it was summer,” replied Brenna Johnson. “If I have any advice for other freshmen it would be to not worry about having a ton of friends, just worry about keeping the good ones and getting rid of the toxic ones.” Another piece of advice that I heard from a multitude of students was first shared by Jessica Hickman: “Honestly, just don’t care about what other people think.” 

All in all my freshmen peers seem to be on the same page with this school year. They all seemed to be nervous going in; however, now they all seem pretty confident with how everything is going. We’ve made it this far together, Class of 2023. Let’s go into this new stage of our lives strong with our heads up.