Dog Days

Mrs. Cupps, Faculty Sponsor

A dream of fifteen years came true this Sunday, September 8th, when the Hampton Township Department of Community Service hosted its first Dog Days at the Hampton Pool.

Kevin Corace, Director of Facilities, smiled proudly as he checked in dogs of all shapes and sizes for their turn to take a dip.

“I’ve been trying to make this happen for fifteen years,” Corace said. “But it isn’t me, it’s all of us. We all worked together to get it going. ”

And a lot of people, and puppies, were glad they did.

Judging by the laughter, it was clear that local patrons enjoyed watching their panting pups frolic in the cool waters that hot summer afternoon, the exact weather that earns the description “the dog days of summer.” Some vendors came out to enjoy the event too, including Unleashed Doggie Day Care, Belacoop, Grooming Tails, and more, generously offering treats for the pups who excitedly played in the pool with their buddies, leash-free.

My shorkie, Bella, along with a few others, made the most of her freedom, even stooping so low as some others to try and claim the whole pool as territory…if you know what I mean. Luckily there were plenty of plastic baggies for that exact purpose, and the lifeguards didn’t even blow a whistle for the bad boys and girls.

It was indeed an afternoon of freedom, fun, and friendship, no better way to end the summer before the pool waters get drained for the season.