Trusty Rusty


Have you seen the dope antique truck in the parking lot? His name is Rusty. After we snapped this pic, we had to get the story behind this fantastic new addition to our school.

This 1949 Chevy pickup belongs to Janice Wolff, a new clerical paraprofessional at the high school. Wolff and her husband, an HHS grad, Mark Wolff, purchased “Rusty” from a farm in Missouri. Pickups like these were manufactured as work trucks with max speeds of 45-50 mph, so when the couple wanted to drive their purchase on the highways, they had to make some changes. Mark went to a junkyard and bought a Chevy S-10 pickup, then he placed the 1949 body on the 1991 S-10 frame. He added an upgraded suspension, a 4.3 liter V6 engine, and a 4 speed automatic transmission. He also had the body lowered 2” to give the frame a lower stance.

However, to the fashionable eye, what’s most impressive about this truck is its amazing finish. Most would assume that this is the work of an expensive painter, but it’s actually the original patina! It’s the product of natural weathering, years of sun and rain. In order to preserve the truck, Wolff and her husband only drive it between April and Halloween.

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